Atlas Plugins

a Base gradle plugin for atlas gradle plugin development

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Wooga Internal Gradle Plugin ID Apache 2.0 GitHub tag GitHub release

Plugin to establish conventions for a atlas gradle plugins. This plugin is used to help setup our other plugins.


Public Plugins


plugins {
  id "net.wooga.plugins" version "3.2.0"

It applies the following plugins:

Private Plugins

The private plugin conventions are the base for the normal plugin. The main difference is the lack of any publishing settings.


plugins {
  id "net.wooga.plugins-private" version "3.2.0"

Local Plugins

The local plugin is for cases when plugins are developed and used inside another project. With this setup it is easier to pull out a plugin later to use it for multiple projects either as an private plugin or public plugin


plugins {
  id "net.wooga.plugins-local" version "3.2.0"


The resulting project structure is prepared as a normal groovy gradle plugin. Additional to the normal test task the plugin also adds a integrationTest task with code coverage and reporting. As test framework Spock will be added to the classpath. The jocoo plugin is used for code coverage. The integration test results are merged with the unit test results. All our plugins push the coverage report to coveralls. The coveralls plugin is connected to jacoco and only needs the COVERALLS_TOKEN in the environment. The plugin will also generate an idea project with the integration tests configured as seperate module.


The project uses Nebular Release for the release and publish cycle. The tasks final and candidate will publish the plugin to the gradle plugins repository with the help of the plugin-publish plugin and create a formal gitub release with the net.wooga.github plugin. The snapshot task will only publish to the local maven repository.


Gradle and Java Compatibility

Tested with openJDK8

Gradle Version Works
< 5.0 ![no]
5.0 ![yes]
5.1 ![yes]
5.2 ![yes]
5.3 ![yes]
5.4 ![yes]
5.5 ![yes]
5.6 ![yes]
5.6 ![yes]
6.0 ![yes]
6.1 ![yes]
6.2 ![yes]
6.3 ![yes]
6.4 ![yes]
6.5 ![yes]
6.6 ![yes]
6.6 ![yes]
6.7 ![yes]
6.8 ![yes]
6.9 ![yes]
7.0 ![yes]


Code of Conduct


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